The never dying image of Ari, a young Albanian that gave me both a ride from Saranda to Butrint and the best lesson on surviving in my life.

Casting a glance of the impressive Chomolhari after a night’s heavy snowing while trekking in Bhutan.

Being invited for some delicious dolmas and plenty of smiles by a large local family when walking up the spiral minaret at the Mosque of Abu Duluf, near Samarra, Iraq.

A 74 year old man going for the 70 km. long Făgăraș Ridge in Romania for the last time in his life: "I want to say farewell to Moldoveanu Peak".

Technicians setting the stage equipment for a later concert in Valparaiso’s Sotomayor Square and playing “Oye Como Va”, while all of a sudden everyone in the square started moving their hands, singing and dancing.

A young Kamaz truck driver sitting by his broken vehicle on a poor trail in Central Afghanistan for the second day in a row, smiling in the sun and never minding the bitter cold or the dust.

An impressive taste of Balkanic cuisine in Sarajevo after and before a night on buses and trains.

A young man that came to us and took almost half a day off his time to show us to Krak des Chevaliers and then to Hama, Syria, not speaking any English; I don't even know his name.

Being sent to go camping by a hut manager in Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, even though she knew that camping was forbidden and heavily charged.

An old man coming out of nowhere in the cafeteria we were having some sweets in Srimangal, Bangladesh, sitting down, wishing us happiness, then all of a sudden standing up and vanishing as if it had been an apparition.

The cheering spirit of the Serbs, filling the Kneza Mihaila all night long.

The biggest, best looking and best sold piece of “tourist cake” I have ever encountered: Istanbul, Turkey.

"If you allow me to give you a piece of advice, go and see a doctor, or you might have complications with the terrible sunburns on your face, just like I did" - a chocolate shopkeeper in Geneva when seeing my face after coming down the Mont Blanc.

Walking along the ghats in Varanasi, India, through that everlasting scent coming from corpses being burnt by the eternal and omnipresent River.

A piece of home made, simple but nevertheless great potato pie in Chișinău.

A 14 hour long hike in Rila Mountains, Bulgaria, in a crazy blizzard, ending with a sip of hot, boiled wine in Granchar Hut.

An old man standing still by his sheep, his body turned towards Mecca, his head bent down, praying in silence at the edge of the desert in South-Western Turkmenistan, on the Iranian border.

A trail where people have to stay in line in order to be able to hike in Bieszczady Mountains, Poland.

The overwhelming life beat around "Cola transportation hub", Beirut.

A 20 hour long train ride, cooking soup on the camping stove with a group of Poles and reaching Istanbul on the Easter day.

Criss-crossing the old town in Kathmandu during the late evening curfew, with light being provided only by scarce motorbikes stirring the dust and throwing surreal rays over old buildings, small temples, statues depicting Buddha, dogs or people.

An attempt to visit the fortress in Skopje, ending with almost being chased by police officers because it was considered a military site.

Starting hiking towards the Ras Dashen Peak, Ethiopia at 5 AM on the Easter Day, and passing by the faithful going to the church in Ambiko, dressed in impeccably white kamises shining in the moon rays.

The greatest classical music concert in my life, consisting of a single old bandura player in Kiev, Ukraine.

Missing the bus from Salalah in Southern Oman to Al Mukalla in Yemen and having to go 1000 km. back North to Muscat, get on a plane to Doha, and eventually connect on to Sana'a via Aden.

A hiking trip in Prokletije Mountains, on the border between Albania and Montenegro, staring at the "forbidden" Maja Jezerces.

A bustling old city, where auto-rickshaws, pedestrians, hand or horse-pulled carts, trucks, buses, sheep and motorbikes flow down the street, taking away the visitor, in Lahore, Pakistan.

A 10 minute long discussion with a conductor in Moscow, trying to explain him that my tickets were valid for that train, even though they were not printed in Cyrillic.

A warm and sincere smile joined by a cup of hot tea offered by a total stranger in a park in Tehran.

A stunning sunset over the Triglav in Slovenia, just before hiking the peak on Christmas day in a strong storm.

Old cities where they have removed all local life from the centre, restoring monuments as if they were new, to create a sterile, hospital-like atmosphere and make place for tourists, in Samarkand, Bukhara or Khiva.

A train ride, being granted only a transit stamp for Czech Republic because I refused to bribe the border police officer.

Hiking Tatra Mountains in the rain, going down to Lysa Polana and enjoying a traditional "mountain tea" (more vodka than tea).

Trekking among donkeys and goats, towards Djebel Toubkal, listening to Mohammed the Berber's singing.

This is my life.

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I have meant this website for those that (still) enjoy reading. So I have added little photos and filled the gaps with memories written on scraps while traveling.

These stories are neither fair, nor knowledgeable. They are just what comes to one’s mind while leaving it all behind and taking no satellite phone along.